Fast Company has recently published an article listing who they believe is the world’s top ten most innovative companies in social media- the ones to watch for 2014.

Here are the top two. Click here to see the other eight.


For proving the power of brevity–this time with video. Video sharing and social media were two separate things before Vine showed up on Twitter. Forty million users later, Vine has become a culture in and of itself. Marketers are studying Vine for insights into what their consumers care about and how to reach them, and it is still growing in spite of Instagram big-footing its way into the marketplace. The six-second videos are often ingenious, beautiful, or both, and thanks to a new feature called “revining,” added last summer, it is giving rise to a new breed of viral celebrities. 


For catching the under-25ers falling out of love with Facebook. Texting and Facebooking is so passé–at least for WhatsApp’s audience. As more parents (and grandparents) text and post status updates, their broods are looking for something cooler, and WhatsApp has easily elbowed to the front of a line of alternative messaging services. With 430 million monthly active users–up from 400 million in December–the company sends 50 billion messages per day. It’s accomplished this scale by charging only a nominal fee (free for the first year, 99¢ per year after) and never supporting ads. Features have evolved over the app’s four-year existence to include group chatting, location sharing, and voice messaging, ensuring that as SMS continues to decline, WhatsApp will reign as king for quite a while in its category.