Researches in the United States have found that coffee could boost the brain’s ability to store long-term memories. A group of scientists led by Michael Yassa of John Hopkins University have found that participants who had a shot of coffee after viewing a series of pictures were better at distinguishing them from other images in tests conducted the next day.

The experiment measures how precisely information is stored in the brain. This helps with a process called pattern separation which is crucial in everyday situations. If proven true (some scientists apparently are doubtful) it will add memory enhancement to the list of benefits that moderate coffee consumption provides.

Yassa has stated that it is still unclear how coffee might assist in the storage of memories. One theory is that it leads to higher levels of the stress hormone called norepinephrine in the brain which in turn helps memories to be laid down.

Others is the field are not as easily convinced. Such as George Kemenes. He states that the statistical techniques that were implemented were not good enough to prove the findings real.