You’ll never be (quite) ready…

  • To grab that opportunity
  • To start that business.
  • To quit that job.
  • To hire (or fire) that person.
  • To pivot and change direction.
  • To do that first keynote.
  • To write that book.
  • To get married.
  • To have children.
  • To go on that adventure.
  • To face that painful truth.
  • To confront that bully.
  • To quit smoking, booze or drugs.
  • To deal with that personal foible.
  • To get off the couch.

Or to make any other tough decision you know you should make. So what? Life is a messy and chaotic collision of circumstances and opportunities – good and bad.  And the pieces will never line up perfectly before you decide to make that leap of faith that will propel you forward. You’ll never be ready if you keep waiting for the perfect time to come. Get ready enough. Then do it. That makes you ready. Even if it doesn’t work out at least you won’t die wondering. Good luck.