I was asked today “How many twitter followers do you have”?  It scared me. Not the amount that scared me, but the sentiment. My life, measured in tweets.

It did however get me thinking about the value of a tweet. Where it goes, who see’s it and what they do with it? Or more importantly, how valuable it is to me, or you. So out of respect for the platform, I have decided to write an article about the future with a very single-minded goal. To create the worlds most tweeted tweet.

In the mean time, we felt is only apropriate to share some stats from the platform:

[highlight ]TOP 5 TWEETERS RIGHT NOW[/highlight]

Katy Perry  @katyperry
Justin Bieber  @justinbieber 
Lady Gaga  @ladygaga
Barack Obama  @BarackObama
Taylor Swift  @taylorswift13 

[highlight ]TOP 10 HASHTAGS THIS YEAR NOW[/highlight]

This year, Twitter users have come together around such topics as music (#Nowplaying), current affairs (#News) and philosophical views (#Yolo, for “You only live once”).

  1. #nowplaying
  2. #news
  3. #quote
  4. #music
  5. #JustSayin
  6. #FollowFriday
  7. #Yolo
  8. #Insomnia
  9. #Fail
  10. #Excited

[highlight ]TOP 10 HASHTAGS CATEGORIES [/highlight]

The range of topics in the category reflects the diversity of stories that hit the headlines. From the pasty tax VAT scandal to the Leveson enquiry, Twitter was the place for breaking news all year.

  1. NHS
  2. Syria
  3. #Assange
  4. Prince Harry
  5. Samantha Brick
  6. #NHS
  7. Afghanistan
  8. VAT
  9. Leveson
  10. Rebekah Brooks

[highlight ]TOP 2 TWEETS OF ALL TIME[/highlight]

Here are the top two Tweets that generated the most Retweets.

Screenshot 2013-11-05 20.58.19

810,000+ Retweets 300,000+ Favorites

Screenshot 2013-11-05 21.01.04

220,000+ Retweets 100,000+ Favorites

WHAT NEXT: So, this is simply about the future and the future is in your hands. I will start this off with a single tweet. However this tweet is different, it has a simple goal. To be the most tweeted article of all time. Read this and then become a part of history by breaking the world record. Remember your number because in the future, when sitting round the dinner table with your grand kids and they ask, what number where you, you can say, I was the #X.

Will it change your life? No, will it be an interesting experiment? Certainly.


  1. Tweet this article
  2. Tweet it again
  3. Tell your friends to tweet it
  4. Tweet it some more
  5. Retire knowing you’re a world record holder (or not)

Hash tag: #themosttweetedtweetever