In June of this year, after 25 years of service, the Sydney monorail system was decommissioned due to a lack of passengers. The now redundant vehicles are being stalled in a junkyard, all except for two. As of Wednesday last week the transport infrastructure found a new home in Google’s Sydney office, a result of a joke request made by employee Paul Cowan.

Cowan requested (via the internal ticketing system used for keeping track of jobs) the monorail be purchased to transport lazy colleagues around the continually expanding office space. The Facilities Office, that is responsible for building operations issues, responded by extending an invitation to Cowan to visit the junkyard where he and the team selected out two cars.

A crane was used to hoist and manoeuvre the two salvaged carriages through a window of the building that Google shares with Fairfax Media. The whole operation has been reported to have cost Google $250,000.  The hallowed out cars will be converted into meeting rooms fitted with air conditioning and televisions.