It’s not talked about nearly as often as it should be. Most people don’t want to hear about the real angst that runs along side of entrepreneurship. The image above represents some of the most common entrepreneurial angst. Do you recognise any?

Last week I was talking to an entrepreneur of a well-known Australian company. They have 40+ staff, are national and have been around for over 10 years. They’ve had a tough journey, which most people won’t hear about. I know many of these side stories, the ones that are told to just a handful at a time but rarely spoken to a large audience.

There is angst in any business endeavour and there really is no escaping it. We don’t all experience the same kind of angst when we’re growing a business, but we’ll experience many of the same ones. Given enough years in business and a propensity to push yourself and your business to the edge, you’ll experience them all.

Watching small businesses over the past ten years has given me an insight into the angst that entrepreneurs experience. There are many highs and lows, and that alone brings emotional turmoil. One day your up because you’ve negotiated a great deal and the next day you’ve lost one of your main clients which brought in a large percentage of your business, and you’re down.

There are times when there are many opportunities to choose from, but not an obvious path of which one to take, and you realistically can’t do them all. You’ll have limited resources of time, energy and money but a hell of a lot of ideas. You may have unhappy staff, an evil client to deal with, a big vision but a large gap between where you are today and where you want to be.

You may be taking a break, lying on the beach but all you’ll be thinking about is your business because it’s become your obsession. Sometimes the challenges within your business seem so complex, you don’t know how to solve them. This is the reality of entrepreneurship.

If you’re new to business or in the thick of an angst, there is an upside. You’ll come out of the other side with the ability to troubleshoot any challenge that comes your way. You’ll have the ability to make quick and good decisions and experience enormous personal growth. The feeling you can do just about anything or handle just about any situation no matter how adverse. You’ll receive immense satisfaction in what you’ve achieved. You may even reduce your fears, doubts or insecurities because you’ve grown more confident with all of those experiences.

Does this article ring true for you too?