Sarvajal, a startup based in Gujarat India, combines technology with business models to deliver clean, safe, drinking water solutions to communities. These end-to end solutions are made possible through partnering with companies, non-profits and agencies from around the world and according to their website, Sarvajal have “unmatched expertise in delivering safe drinking water under the most difficult circumstances for any size of community.”

The five-year-old startup that is backed by the Piramal Foundation is now in the process of launching newly designed ATM-style water dispenses that distribute clean, affordable drinking water using an ATM card. The machines are equipped with twenty-five sensors which monitor and manage the water pressure and filtration. There are currently thirty-five water ATMs installed in urban areas within India with plans to launch another fifty across redevelopment communities in the coming months.

The machines are managed by franchisees who Savajal train and provide them with the equipment and materials needed to run the business as well as ongoing support and maintenance. Frog Design assisted Sarvajal with design-focused research, focusing on how people would use the new ATMs.

Since 2008 Sarvajal, which translates to ‘water for all’ has served more than 200,000,000 litres of clean drinking water, has over 75,000 regular customers and have created over 400 jobs.


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