In the small time of a few years, California base start-up Tastemade has become the ‘leading next generation’ video network for food enthusiasts. Tastemade is an online platform with over one hundred food channels and with one underlying purpose, to connect the world through food.

According to TechCrunch, the start-up is riding the ‘next wave of video viewing online’. Its founders Steven Kydd, Larry Fitzgibbon and Joe Perez believe there is a current opportunity for social and mobile digital platforms to launch defining brands, similar to what the cable network established for food and lifestyle brands a generation before.

Tastemade have established a team of creators who have successfully built an online following based on a shared love and appreciation of food. They are empowered to create video content that will be compatible with today’s media savvy audience. The content is instantly global, social and available. According to Tastemade;

 Our diverse programming reflects our commitment to build a scalable network of culinary tastemakers who share a passion for creating amazing programming for a global community of food lovers.

Tastemade has a custom-built studio in Santa Monica where the team regularly schedule programming for the network. It is;

a place where Tastemakers can connect, collaborate, and create world-class video programming. Designed to drive high-quality production and inspire collaboration, our studio also serves as a center for creative innovation to test new content formats.

Original content is available on their youtube channel as well as The TasteMade Channel which offers shows with various subject matter such as food, travel and video recipes.