Samsung’s Origami Printer prototype has recently been recognised at the 2013 Design Excellence Awards.

The mechanics and engine of the printer are housed within a 100% recyclable cardboard shell that provides a sound and durable environment when compared to traditional printers. The team of designers behind the laser printer sought out to challenge people’s assumptions of the conventional desktop printer.

Printers are made from multiple plastic pieces that when constructed are typically referred to as “machines rather than an electronic product.” As a consequence of the multiple pieces and complicated production process from start to finish it is assumed that a printer can’t be a simple structure.

However the designers at Samsung have successfully proved all assumptions wrong. The cardboard is assembled using an origami method that is folded in sequence. At the end of the printers life the shell can be recycled to produce more paper for recycling.

This “eco-conscious circulation” is essential to the design. The recyclable material significantly simplifies the manufacturing process, making it environmentally friendly to dispose of.





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