I usually start new innovative initiatives thinking, this will be nearly impossible, but it might be worth it.

I usually power through the beginning, my mind goes a million miles an hour thinking and rethinking the purpose so I can start. Soon the projects gives its first kicks, everybody feels energised and ready for something special.

After the first moment, there is the need to focus on the details. Details are made of decisions, millions of decisions and there is only one thing that keeps me trying as hard as I can, my motivation. Why am I doing it?

Large organisations kindly remind us that if our performance is not going well, our head is on the line, but if we get it right, bonus time! That confuses the ‘why’ factor for everyone. If you are a parent and have a mortgage, how the hell will you continue holding on to your ‘why’? The mind keeps juggling between “I can’t get fired!” and “I want that bonus!” Survival needs will drive you to panicking mode, you will be more careful (scared), more competitive, maybe manipulative (hence so many politics) and soon you will start checking how other companies are doing it…

But we can’t blame the environment. Startups aren’t one bit easier. We can’t blame people around us. If it’s not politics and the mortgage to worry about, it will be some other problem or distraction. We can’t blame what we can’t control.

My partner always tells me, only when you are doing your best to the point where you can honestly say to yourself “It is impossible to do more”, is when things start to go your way. That decision needs to be made every day, that is why it’s so hard. There is no one day miracle, every day you need to choose to be focused on the path to reach something you believe to be true.

Featured image by Terence Eduarte