Sometimes, or often, you need to stop doing in order to move yourself and your business forward. It might sound contradictory because it’s the doing stuff that get results, right? But the ‘doing’ part of business doesn’t always get you the results you want or need.

We live in a society that requires us to DO more, to HAVE more to BE more. The pressure is rather stifling. It is easy to get caught in this trap, and a trap it is indeed.

You may feel an underlying sense of anxiety to keep up, to always be progressing, always growing your business, always doing more, than everyone else, consuming more and not taking enough time out to look at the horizon. It’s easy to justify too, because there might be a mortgage to pay, personal loans to repay, children to feed, various other parties relying on you, or clients screaming at you. So you work harder, you work faster. It’s a rather unhealthy and unbalanced way to be.

That doesn’t make it wrong, it just makes it unsustainable. It’s a constant build up of stress. Short term stress can work, and sometimes, works rather well, particular when there are ‘real’ tight deadline. The rest of the time they are imagined deadlines, not reality.

Non-stop, squashes your subconscious thoughts down, ignored, until it will no longer be suppressed. The stress builds up like steam in a kettle, just biding it’s time, biding slowly, for the explosion. The explosion that requires your attention, NOW!

Stopping allows you time to breathe deeper, gain perspective, allow those bubbles of consciousness to float to the surface to tell you what’s really going on. How you really feel. What you really think. It allows you time to contemplate or perhaps set a new and better direction; a more purposeful course. Reflect on where you’ve come from, where you currently are, where you want to go and what you really want. This is renewal time; time to reenergise; refuel; recharge. This will help to make you a more effective leader; a more effective entrepreneur.

It isn’t about procrastination or using excuses to not do what needs to be done but rather creating a space to reflect. Reflect on the past, the present and the future. Course correcting if necessary or basking in the sense of purposefulness to move forward, stronger, with mojo, and full steam ahead.

Stopping is like taking the kettle off the stove, when it’s hot, not necessarily whistling, pouring yourself a nice cup of something delicious, sitting outside, and absorbing the strong life force of the sun. It’s the ‘be’ part. Be-ing present in the world.

What happens if you ignore the whistle of the kettle?

Unfortunately, all too often, human beings ignore the whistle. That whistle can represent anything from ignoring the financial side of your business, ignoring your wife’s plea for help, ignoring the physical warning signs of an oncoming heart attack, ignoring your child’s request for love and attention, ignoring your customers feedback, ignoring your body’s pain mechanism. Ignoring, doesn’t move you forward, it comes with the consequence, of moving you backwards.

Do you need to take time now, to stop, take ‘time out’, so you can move yourself and your business forward?