UK-based BioAid is an iPhone app that provides hearing impaired with a means to amplify the sounds within their environment. It transforms the iOS into a wearable hearing aid with the use of headphones. The way in which it works is quite simple.

The app records surrounding sound using the iPhone’s already build-in microphone. It then amplifies it using algorithms specific to the user (ranging from moderate to severe) and plays it back through the loudspeaker or headphones in real-time. It has the ability to boost low sounds whilst simultaneously turning down loud noises in the users headphones.

The app is compatible with not only the iPhone but with the iPad and iPod touch. It is currently available in the beta version from the App Store. Whilst it requires the user to keep their phone on their person at all times, according to 

the team hope that – with advances such as smaller Bluetooth-enabled headphones and smart watches – that an app such as BioAid could become a feasible and inexpensive way to improve the quality of life of deaf people.