The Soleta House is a prototype in a line of eco-friendly homes currently on display in Bucharest, Romania outside of the American embassy. The quasi-open plan house includes high-tech, clean energy systems that can be controlled with a smart phone. The project was developed by the Justin Capra Foundation for Invention and Sustainable Technology.

The brief was to design and build a zero energy structure that could have multiple purposes as a house, studio or office and could sustain in multiple climates. The criteria included: it must be affordable, versatile, require low maintenance and have a positive eco-impact. The architecture includes natural and renewable materials that have been manipulated to create a pleasant cottage like aesthetic.

The house includes an assortment of features including high-performance insulated glass to create airy, light living spaces, solar heaters, rainwater collectors, in floor heating and LED lighting. The climatic conditioning system monitors the houses ventilation and energy and can cut energy use by 45%. The home-owners smart phone can be used to manipulate the internal environment to suit personal preferences.