Splitsecnd is a GPS-enabled key that instantly connects the driver of a vehicle to emergency personnel when an accident occurs. It significantly reduces the time it takes for life-saving care to reach victims. It is simply plugged into the car’s cigarette lighter socket and will still work once the power has been shut down.

The device activates when it detects a serious impact or emergency halt. It then connects to a responder at the Splitsecnd monitor centre who can converse with the driver to access the extent of the accident through the embedded microphone and speakers. If help is required or there is no response the GPS location is logged and emergency services are deployed. It also allows friends and family members to access their GPS location to ensure they have arrived safety at their destination.

If no impact or accident has occurred but medical attention is needed,  it is possible to request assistance by manually pressing the button yourself to be instantly connected.

Splitsecnd was developed by Chris Thompson and William Green in 2010 whilst they were both still enrolled at Vanderbilt University. It operates on the RACO wireless network to maximise cell coverage in the US as it covers approximately 96% of the population.