Dove’s public relations and marketing campaign Real Beauty launched in 2004. Ogilvy Toronto has breathed new life into the campaign enlisting the support and talent of a forensic artist. Artist Gil Zamora was employed to draw sketches as he was guided by a women’s account of her own features and appearance.

Dove’s research shows that it is still critical for the company to address womens’ anxiety over their looks. Only four percent of women surveyed from around the world identify themselves as being beautiful (up from two percent in 2004). Consequently Dove is still working to change this perception. Participants were positioned behind a curtain and described their facial features and general appearance to the artist. They were then instructed to describe another participant that they had met prior on the day.

The two images were then placed side by side and the contrasts are highly visible as shown above. You can also watch the process and the participants reactions in the youtube video below and see how all the women look more like the images described by the friendly strangers.