The Pop Up Agency was founded by six students who adopted the popular trend of the pop-up concept with a unique twist. The concept has gained a successful footing in retail, hospitality and travel and will now be adapted to the design agency. For 48 hours the pop up agency will work on a project for a client, finalise and move on to the next. The agency accepts a brief, travels to the location and works for two days to deliver a strategy or concept.

The agency came to be after students studying at Hyper Island were instructed to complete an internship from March through till June. Instead of spending the three months with one agency as is traditionally done, the students will travel for fifteen weeks across fifteen different countries. They will deliver a strategy or concept that offeres a different, fresh perspective. The team will also deliver inspiring keynote presentations, interactive workshops and aim to meet as many people as they can.

The work they do for clients will take four days. The first day is to meet and greet and to get to know who they are working with. The next two days are reserved for work with the pitch delivered on the final day. The team does not want payment for their services but do require clients to cover the costs such as travel, accommodation and food.