Only now, after years knowing about this story, I truly understood why Icarus burned his wings with the sun. Icarus was an entrepreneur.

The politic-corporate world is becoming more and more like an undecipherable labyrinth. With confusing KPI’s and many dead end projects, can the young enthusiastic generation build wings and fly without falling and drown?

There has never been so many incentives to start your own business, quarterly start-up events, free accessible tools for every challenge you’ll face and many overnight success stories. In Victoria, if you have an original business name, you could probably request an ABN, register your company’s name and build your good looking one page website at in less than a day.

My personal advice for those who are planning to fly away;

Make your current job your most important ally.

If you feel like throwing your computer at the window, you have yourself to blame. Yes, the process is broken, your boss makes the most impractical requests and you could do your job in a faster, better way with one hand tied. Use those thoughts to your advantage, don’t lose time with frustration. Try to see your boss as someone that is just trying his best to attend a much bigger nonsense briefing. Make him/her look good and feel relevant. He/She might be your first client.


Asking your friends, family, even your colleagues about your idea might give you great insights. You don’t need to share all the details but you can always ask about the problem you are trying to solve or even similar solutions on the market.


If you have an idea but not all the skills required to make it happen, you might find someone with the skills you need, looking for something you could help with. I’ve seen a few people collaborating time and knowledge; they exchange ideas, shortcuts and rotate ‘working-bee’ sessions.

Practice patience.

Strategy is a very important skill; and the first exercise to achieve it is to be patient. We are told to be pro-active and enthusiastic to solve problems, but that is only valid if you are solving someone else’s problem. When you start to make decisions on your own you might lose track. You need to listen, ask questions, give people time to breathe, think and respond. Rushing all the time might make you lose golden opportunities.


Forget a bit about the bright future you are heading towards with your millionaire idea and make sure you are always questioning the basics until you get it right. Are you solving a problem? Do you need to buy what you are trying to sell? Does it connect with people?

If you fall, start over.

Many investors see value in entrepreneurs that had the experience of failure.

Good luck!


Featured image by Scott Nobles