Designers Hao Tian, Huang Haiyang and Shi Jianwei have envisioned a new type of skyscraper titled the pH Conditioner. The design was submitted to the annual Evolo Skyscraper Competition. The competition recognises innovation in design, use of materials, aesthetics and technology for buildings of the vertical variety.

The submission imagined a series of skyscrapers that resemble jellyfish that hover 200-300 metres above the city where pollution tends to gather. They are designed to purify acid particles and ultimately improve the quality of air. It will collect the acidic material and render them harmless. Acid particles become air born through the burning of fossil fuels and through industrialisation. Once they have been purified they will be transformed into available resources such as water and fertiliser.

The pH Conditioner was one of twenty four honourable mentions in the competition.