The Association of Australian Boutique Winemakers (AABW) is currently calling on winemakers to submit entries in the 2013 Australian Wine Design Competition. The competition is devoted to label design and its harmony with the bottle it is paired with. It is exclusive to Australian and New Zealand wine companies. ” Be it inexpensive and minimalist, the label can be just as powerful as the pricey model if it packs a punch and sends the right message to the consumer. ” Said CEO Judith Kennedy.

The competition was founded back in 1997 by the AABW and quickly developed into a critical industry marketing event that brings awareness to branding and its importance. All entries will be published in the illustrated results book. The presentation night will be held on Tuesday June 4 at the Winery, Surry Hills Sydney. The best wine bottle for 2013 ill receive a $5000 production prize from CCL Clear Image. The wine and design company will both be awarded trophies and all class winners will receive a crystal trophy.

View the 2012 results here. 

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