Historically, ads for the Super Bowl were kept under a tight lock and key. However, with the dominance of social media in our lives, marketers are breaking with tradition. Volkswagen was the brand responsible for setting the trend. In 2011 they previewed their commercial for the Bowl on Youtube. Jump forward to 2013 and Ace, Taco Bell, Coca Cola, Toyota and Audi are now following suite, they have either created teasers or have launched the full commercial ahead of Sundays game.

Marketers are seeing the game as an opportunity to create a longer conversation with their audience and a bigger digital footprint. Suzie Reider of Youtube stated that in 2012, Super Bowl campaigns that were released before game day received 9.1 million viewers as opposed to 1.3 million views for those launched the day of or after. Take the time to look at some of the commercials below.