Paper Made From Stone
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Repap, as well as being paper spelt backwards is also paper made from stone. It is 100% tree free and requires no timber in production. Created by Ogami, a company based in Milan, this innovative paper is a natural by-product of water and limestone. It consists of calcium carbonate bonded with non-toxic resins. The chemical compound comes from materials recovered from quarries and building industry waste. It is ground down to a fine powered and mixed with non toxic resins.

As well as being tree free it is also void of harsh chemicals, acids and bleaching. The paper is a smooth texture and naturally white in colour. It is also recyclable, waterproof and photo-biodegradable after 14-18 months. It will decompose much like an egg shell. The natural component, calcium carbonate will return to the earth naturally. It is resistant to tearing and works well with gel pens, ballpoints, pencils, fountain pens, roller balls and broader felt tip pens. Repap is resistant to discolouring and insect damaging. The world’s first notebooks made from stone consists of the professional and quotes collections.

Because no water is used in the production process, there is no waste water discharged which translates to no harsh pollutants being released into water streams. Repap also does not produce waste water when recycled. It can be collected as regular plastic material. After being pulverised and re-released as granulas it can be used as a superior additive for the processing of polyethylene.