Architecture Kunle Adeyemi has envisioned floating structures to become apart of  Makoko’s foundation. Makoko is a slum, water-logged neighbourhood and located in Lagos, Nigeria. It has around 250,000 inhabitants that live on makeshift structures on stilts. Some of the town’s officials wish to tear the settlements down however Adeyemi has a different idea. He wants the exact opposite, to keep building and expanding.

He has proposed and designed a floating school that is near completion. The school is three stories high, 108 square feet and thirty-three feet high. It is fixed to a flotation deck that is made of 256 plastic drums. The body is built from locally sourced wood. Construction of the school costs around $6250 and will be able to accommodate for 100 students aged between four and twelve years old. Adeyemi visited the area and was inspired and shocked by the environment. He was told that the schools consistently flooding and required an extension.

This project that he calls a “seed to cultivate a new type of urbanism on water in African cities”is a method…

  of addressing issues that are larger and more prevalent in coastal African cities,  where there is rapid urbanization and a shortage of housing, and you have energy and waste management issues, and the impact of climate change.”