The year of thinking mobile has been and gone, thinking mobile is thinking small. 2012 was the year when our intelligence became more than just biological. Kurzweil’s singularity isn’t coming; it came and we were all seemingly too busy tweaking our thumbs on our touch screens to notice. We have access. To anything and everything. The barriers in between are minimal and the merging of technology with data and our human brain requires a complete re-thinking of our existing business models and how we market our companies.

I had a great break and came back in early to do our internal business reviews, health checks, process updates and performance tune ups for the majority of January.

It has been both an inspiring and informative start to the year for 6.2. We have decided to call 2013 the YORN (Year Of Removing Noise). This year, businesses will remove “social” from social media, as all media is social, drop digital & mobile from marketing, as all marketing is both digital and mobile and the term global will be removed from job titles, business strategies & marketing, global will be both on thought and intent. As businesses push for global thinking, we will be pushed into a balancing act of personal, local service with no boundaries thinking.

Last year we helped 29 companies activate their own higher thinking and ideals and this year we will aim to supercharge that with fewer clients, but far more results.

You have the data and the tools today to give consumers what they want, when they want it and where they want it. The most effective businesses in delivering this will be those with a clearly defined, clearly communicated “purpose” that they embody as a company and project in every communication they have both internally, and with the market.

This year, every business will need to be more deliberate and informed in their plans and budgets for testing, innovating and leaving room for opportunities and possibilities while protecting what has proven to work. As opportunities present themselves, it is imperative we set clear boundaries, better understanding of both client and market to better create effective strategies and solutions for your organisation to plan, explore and innovate.

Success for me in 2013 is being a good dad. This hasn’t changed and it has been my main goal since 2003, the challenge, is running a business that remains at the forefront of innovation and solving complex problems, whilst allowing me to do that. Balance is not about being one or the other, it is about merging both into one…  I  look forward to that challenge.