Last year we featured several articles about bike safety, innovations that have made the journey from a to b much safer and have eliminated the perceived danger that is posed by other traffic on the road. Some included the glow in the dark feature introduced by Pure Fix Cycle and gloves that indicate turn signals with built in LED lights.

Josh Zisson, director of business development at Halo Coatings has created what he believes to be the most safest bike on the road. According to the bike “marries various safety measures in one model.” A hub built into the bike uses the cyclists energy to power a LED headlight and lights that work during the day. A brake light is also attached to the dynamo hub and becomes brighter when the bike slows down. As a final touch, the bike has a coat of retro reflective paint. This will make the bike highly visible to motorists.

Unfortionately Zisson has no such plans to market the bike. However he is working to “encourage bike manufacturers to invest in the reflective coating, making cycling a safer activity that could encourage more commuters on their bikes.”