Sleeping Around is a new, interesting take on the pop-up concept, one that has experienced success when employed in retail however has never been applied to hotels. Sleeping Around is set to change this. It is a Belgium based hospitality company that has created a pop up hotel experience that consistently changes locations. Now it is not just the traveller who wanders but also the destination. The idea was to create an accommodating facility which was easily transportable and could pop up in the most extraordinary of places.

The hotel is made from four recycled 20-feet shipping containers. The village consists of four hotel rooms, a breakfast/lounge container ans a sauna container and are outfitted with everything you would expect to find in a superior hotel room such as a walk in shower, air con and quality linen. The company is proudly green and employ only ecologically responsible materials. Guests of the hotel locate it using GPS as it has no fixed address. It is currently located on the river front in Antwerp.