Last year we featured an article on the Welsh town of Monmouth who strategically placed QR codes around the town to create a unique visitor experience. Now we learn on a similar concept adopted by the city of Rio De Janeiro. The city has leveraged the use of their traditional mosaic sidewalks and imbedded QR codes into the black and white design. The little black and white tiles of pixels that encode links and codes are to be scanned with a smart phone to reveal information about major tourist attractions.

Traditionally the tiles have take the form of waves, fish and abstract images. Now QR codes add something a little unique. The city plans to embed around thirty codes close to beaches, vistas and historical sites and they will serve as an interactive, personal tour guide. The first one was installed last week in front of a boulder at Ipanema beach. The retrieved information is available in english, spanish, portuguese and a map is also available for viewing., as well as informing the user of their exact location. The codes will become extremely handy during the 2016 Olympic Games and the 2014 World Cup.