Recently uws featured an article on the greenest street in America. The street is made from cement that has the ability to clean the surrounding air. Now we hear of a similar concept where by researchers at the University Politecnica de Catalunga have created a form of concrete designed to support plant life. Spain is a leader in plant covered walls. For example the Caixa Forum Museum in Madrid hosts 15,000 plants on one of its walls, courtesy of Patrick Blancs design.

The material that assists mosses and small pants to grow is made with magnesium phosphate. Patterns formed in the concrete help store rainwater while protecting the building. Later on the walls will transform to green. Historically green walls are built with attachements. These complex contraptions cause extra and unnecessary stress on the walls and can be difficult to maintain and for water to access. This new design eliminates the need for attachments.

The walls have the ability to store CO2 and insulte the building thus eliminating the need for air conditioning and warming. Plants can also be attached to the wall to create living paintings.