German engineering company MTO Friedrichshafen has announced that together with German rail operations Deutsche Bahn, have developed a hybrid locomotive. The innovative design has the ability to cut energy use and carbon emissions by 25%. The locomotive claws back kinetic energy that’s normally lost during braking. It then converts it to electricity that is stored on a battery.

It is currently in the test phase, making the trip from Aschaffenburg to Miltenberg line in Bavaria. According to reports on Fast Company, based on a three hundred service days a year, seven trips a day, it could save 40,000 litres of diesel per year and 105,000 tons of CO2. It is also quicker and cleaner than diesel. When the train is stationary it can be restarted with the electric battery. Spokesperson Mirko Gutemann told Fast Company;

“It’s a parallel hybrid, which means you can use either the diesel engine, a combination of the diesel and the batteries, or just the batteries,”

Currently the train is not taking any passengers and it will require government approval before service.