Worksurfers is a new online platform that connects people who seek to travel the world with short term assignments in their destinations. Based out of Santiago de Chile, the service aims to establish an online marketplace where the currency in exchange is talent and is geared towards those in the creative industry.

Those who travel and enjoy a bohemian lifestyle can seamlessly increase the time spent abroad as they now have access to  employment, without being prohibited by visa restrictions. They previously also faced restrictions in the time they could spend away from home, the money they had to spend and employment opportunities. Worksurfers is poised to revolutionise the way we live and work. It is now possible to spend longer periods away from home and an increased travel time.

The site will host information about an assignment that can be applied for. One can apply based on the location, availability and the job type. Benefits for employers include access to an international talent pool and networking opportunities.

The site will be foster creativity and societal problem solving skills as well as developing an international community of freelancers. It is currently in the test mode and is offering a 15% discount on premium services for early adopters.