If branding can be interpreted as the company’s personality, information flow is the thermometer that measures it’s health. A good external information flow provides a heathy branding experience, allowing customers to have a clear understanding of what are the values and services available. On the other hand, internal information flow provides efficiency, consistency and peace of mind.

There is nothing more uncomfortable than having a blurry idea of what is going on. Soon briefings become rumours, resulting in lack of principles to support decisions; confusing, upsetting and ‘depowering’ teams members across the organisations.

Engaging team exercises, conferences, HR programs and fun creative events act as superficial pain-killers that do not cure or prevent the damage of an unhealthy information flow.

What causes it? Poor information flow is a symptom, usually caused by a chronic embedded decision. Information by itself could be interpreted as the companies currency, and that is why its flow is so complicated to get it right; the first reaction is to keep it locked as secret. But is that really safe? The best analogy I can think for this strategy would be to keep all our blood inside our brain and expect your legs and arms move perfectly fine.

If fear manifests the symptom, fear feeds it’s development; ‘what if we start opening gates of communication and realise how bad the problem really is!?’

My confident positive advice for all big leaders that dare asking that question; You will be surprised with your arms and legs can do for you.

Featured image by Dan Mountford