Spill is an anonymous peer-support network where people are invited to spill their problems. According to their website,

We’re making it easy to anonymously share the good and bad moments of your life. Spill lets you vent, get fresh advice and unbiased feedback from peers who can relate.

The message is then screened by a team of experts trained in crisis prevention. The message is then passed on to student responders who post a screened reply within twenty-four hours.

After the first conception in 2010, co-founder Heidi Allstop had heard from ten colleges that wanted to be apart of the unique idea. Heidi thought of the site after having a difficult experience at college that she wished to seek the advice from other peers, however she did not have the means or devices to do so. After the first model for the site was built, Allstop decided against a post-grad consulting job in favour of building Spill. She was accepted into Boston start-up accelerator Tech Stars and has successfully raised over half a million in seed funding.

Spill is built on a model to create a consumer “freemium” design that integrates therapists, life coaches, and even nutritionists to assist users. This model has morphed from initial intentions to use the site as a crisis prevention and student retention method. Initially users required an email address that contained .edu however this was limiting to those who have graduated or did not attend university. As a result spillnow.com has been added to accommodate for these users. Allstop would like to target specialty groups such as veterans and young mothers.

Ultimately the goal of Spill is to provide,

 an ego-free place to vent, filled with honesty and empathy. “There’s a lot of narcissism and self-promotion on today’s social networks,” Allstop says. “Everyone’s trying to paint the picture of their white-picket-fence life. At Spill, we’re removing your identity, and focusing on your true self: What’s going on inside? What piece of valuable advice can you share that isn’t tied to what other people think about you? I want everyone to know that they have a place to go if they’re feeling down. No one should be crying into their pillow, feeling like they have no one to talk to. It sounds idealistic, but I want Spill to be a household name.” (quote sourced from fastcompany.com)