The South African village of Phomolong has welcomed the Samsung Solar Powered Internet School that was designed for use in remote areas with limited or no access to electricity. A renovated shipping container plays house to the school with installed solar panels that can generate nine hours of electricity a day. The Internet School is a product of Samsung’s corporate social responsibility initiative and was installed late last year, however Samsung only released the fine details of the project on their blog this week.

The make-shift school supplements Phomolong Secondary School near Johannesburg. The container is twelve metres long and can comfortably fit up to twenty-one students. The panels are made from a rubber substance to aid in transportation as the school can be relocated by truck so other students can benefit from a curriculum and connectivity.

The school enables for a two-way learning experience by connecting to the internet. The insulated classroom includes a 50-inch electronic board, solar-powered notebooks, Samsung Galaxy Tablets and Wi-Fi cameras and ultimately allows for easy access to modern technology. The entire curriculum is stored in a central computer server. This year Samsung was recognised as the African Solar Project of the Year by the African Energy Awards. The awards celebrate the growth and success of energy projects in Africa. Samsung’s goals are ambitious as they aim to reach out to five million students by 2015. Take a look at the above video to see how the school is already making an impact on the students lives.