In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, Ben Rennie said adios to corporate Australia and created a new kind of company. An innovation lab called 6.2. Since 2009, 6.2 has worked with more than 60 organizations in 4 countries in some of the world’s largest cities including New York, Sydney, Melbourne, Hong Kong and London with some of the worlds largest and most innovative companies. Along the way, Ben founded uncluttered white spaces, an online magazine about good ideas with over 450,000 readers, the IF Talks, a series of forums across Australia and a conduit for solving complex problems and the Black Report, an iPad Magazine sold in 15 countries.

Ben is driven by a need to rethink how we run our companies and organisations by looking closer at real human motivation and delivering a more effective path to high performance and happiness. Ben lives on the NSW south coast and is married with 3 children.