Recently we featured an article about a green street in Chicago that uses photocatalytic cement to clean and purify the surrounding air. Now we learn of a new and similar concept that explores how clothing and textiles can be used to purify the air. Artist and designer Helen Storey has collaborated with chemist Tony Ryan to explore how existing technology can be used in a new way in a project titled Catalytic Clothing.

It includes a liquid laundry additive containing titanium nano particles that have the ability to stick to the surface of fabrics. The detergent that remains on the jeans then cleans the air as the wearer strides through the invisible nitrogen oxides.   Items that are treated with the particle are able to remove around five grams of the compound from the air each day. That is equivalent to what a family size car produces in a day.

Catalytic Clothing is a partnership between the Uni of Sheffield, the University of the Arts London and London College of Fashion.  The duo have held several exhibitions over the course of 2012 to illustrate the project including three key installations. An exhibition is currently showing in Manchester as part of the Manchester Science Festival until November 4.