Recently I volunteered to organise a non-profit event. It’s the third time I have done this, even though l keep telling myself it will be the last.  No different from the first two, it always reaches a very stormy period when I need to push myself over the cliff to make things happen! Over and over again.

It’s scary. I have these visions of how failure looks like, so I start playing in my head the embarrassing image that I might deliver to those whom I’ve committed to. But there are four voices, well maybe just one voice, but four messages that I tell myself to bring me back to the top of that cliff and be able to jump again.

One: Heroes x Couch

We love heroes. But we are often on the couch, sitting, cheering and not risking anything but two hours of our time. We hardly see ourselves trying to stop the bus that is approaching really fast. We need to understand that leaving the couch is risky, it’s exciting, it might involve pain and humiliation with no guarantee of anything.

So the voice asks me, would you rather be safe on the couch watching someone else’s idea, or try out one of mine? So I stood up.

Two: Why so spicy!?

Once I read a post on uncluttered white spaces from “The Bull” that talks about  66 Business advices. One of them is this; Things are never as bad as we think they are. Such a relief! With an Armenian background born in a latin country I tend to over dramatise things. I add too much spice, then I choke. It doesn’t have to be this bad, so come on, and climb it faster!

Three: The luxury of Life

Different from doctors during surgery, and any other similar situation, I’m not saving lives. I like to think I’m doing something special… but no lives will be lost if I fail, so chill and get near to that edge.

Four: If we catch on fire, so be it.

Recently I watched Madagascar 3D. Lovely flim. Not trying to spoil it for people who haven’t seen it yet, but there is one character that is traumatised because he caught on fire during a performance. He is paralysed by fear up until the moment he is encouraged to do it slightly different. With no guarantees, full of energy, he pulls up the punchline, “If we catch on fire, so be it”.

So here I go, jumping out off that cliff again, and if I smash on the ground, so be it!