The Perks of Working from Home illustrates the advantages of working from home and suggests the telecommuting trend is on the rise. The infographic, courtesy of informs that from 2005-2012 the U.S workforce grew just three percent  and those who telecommute grew by sixty-six percent. Furthermore, sixty-four million U.S employees are given the opportunity to work from their homes on a part-time basis.

Citrix Systems recently surveyed 1900 senior IT decision-makers in nineteen countries about the growing trend. IT executives surveyed believe that by 2020 there will be seven desks for every ten office workers. Approximately 29% of people in 2020 will work remotely–the majority from home, project sites, and customer/partner premises. Coffee shops, airports, and hotels will also be used while in transit, much as they are today.

Take a look at the facts and figures below.

Featured image by Giacomo Caprini