Hyginex has developed a hand washing system that will provide real-time monitoring and warning of hand hygiene compliance within hospitals. Regular hand washing is paramount in preventing the spread of diseases within hospitals. Research has found that medical staff have a hard time remembering to comply with hygiene rules. One study of facilities within the United States found that 1.7 million patients contracted infections in hospitals annually.

Hyginex, developed in Israel, consists of a smart hand wash container and a wristband to be worn by medical staff. The container houses sensors and transmitters which can detect the location of wristbands.The wristband sends data to the container, notifying the person’s location within the hospital. If a staff member moves locations (changes rooms to see one patient after another) the wrist band will alert them if they have not washed their hands. First through a flashing LED light, secondly through vibrations.

The wristband can also identify the wearer if they have not washed their hands for long enough or vigorously enough. Data can be uploaded for the viewing pleasure of managers enabling them to review hygiene strategies and make changes where possible.

“All the information is very visible to the staff. They can understand their compliance and the quality of the hand-washing,” says Raichman, insisting Hyginex is not just another means of overbearing management control. “It’s a personal assistant for the staff. The doctors and nurses know they need to do this every time they’re treating a new patient, but they don’t always remember.” 

Quote from Fastcoexist.com