Today STREAT are very proud to launch their new crowd-funding campaign with  partners The GPT Group to build an expanded new cafe at their Melbourne Central site.

STREAT really loved being at Melbourne Central for the last two years and the site has now provided over 50 youth with thousands of hours of training and employment making coffees. By expanding the site STREAT will be able to increase the number of youth trained, but also provide food preparation skills and a broader range of ‘front of house’ opportunities.

STREAT’s target is to raise $40,000 and their wonderful partners, The GPT Group, will match that dollar for dollar – and turn it into $80,000.

But this isn’t a campaign to raise donations. STREAT want your business! There are a whole heap of amazing products ranging from $10 to $5,000 you can pledge to purchase through Here’s a few to wet your appetite….

  • Grab a personalised copy of the upcoming STREAT cookbook
  • Purchase some of STREAT’s freshly roasted coffee beans for home or work
  • Have STREAT’s Exec Chef and youth trainees cook an amazing dinner party for you and your friends at our cafe.
  • Do a coffee and roasting masterclass with Matt Hampton our chief roaster.  

This campaign will run for almost three months and is an ‘All or Nothing’ challenge – if STREAT don’t make the $40,000 target they don’t get a single cent.

STREAT would love your help, so please visit