SoundGecko allows you to listen to your RSS feed on the go.

The app was recently launched in Australia by start-up 121cast. Articles, blog-posts and news feeds are transcribed into an audio file. The converted MP3 file can be listened to through a smart-phone or computer. It works by firstly downloading the app from the itunes store (Android and WP7 are coming soon). Articles and stories of interest can either be sent via email or through Chrome extension. The text is then converted into speech which enables you to listen anywhere and on the go.

With the use of SoundGecko you can now listen only to what interests you, found on the websites and blogs frequently visited. The app will work with any type of online text content. Users are also able to subscribe to blogs and listen automatically.

“We are working towards a personalized audio feed that will deliver a rich range of content including but not limited to news, calendar, weather, traffic, social network updates, and music.” (via Techcrunch)

The site currently has 24, 000 active users with 2,000 listens per day.