JiffPad allows doctors and other medical professionals to communicate with patients via the iPad to ensure they are better informed about medical conditions and subsequent treatment. The iPad app allows doctors to explain data visually and digitally and patients are able to take the information home with them.

A study completed by Jiff, the company behind the app found that 80% of the information delivered by the doctor in a consultation is forgotten. Furthermore those surveyed remembered 50% of the information incorrectly. By using the innovative presentation tool medical professionals can engage, draw the attention of patients and ensure they make sense of the data.

JiffPad is visual in nature and applicable across various medical practices. Categories and playlists of diagrams and images can be created for different conditions. Conversations can be recorded and made available as a digital file that can be emailed to the patient to be shared with family. There is also the ability to draw and make markings on images to aid explanation.