ICEdot have recently collaborated with SenseTech LLC to develop an innovative helmet-mounted impact sensor. The plain, yellow slim device that resembles a sticker, is mounted to a riders helmet and uses motion and impact sensors to detect if the rider has had an accident and fallen. It will then alert their nominated emergency contact.

If a crash does occur the sticker will communicate with the previously installed ICEdot app on the riders smartphone with the aid of bluetooth. The emergency contact will be alerted with the GPS coordinate of their location as well as the severity of the accident.

The app will initiate an emergency countdown. A message will only be sent once this reaches zero. This feature was included incase the helmet is accidently dropped and the rider can then intercept the message being sent. ICEdot is targeted to action sport athletes, cyclists and those who participate in snow sports, skateboarding, motorcross and BMX riding. It is yet to reach the market but those interested can sign up to be notified when it does.