I was reading a post by Anthill’s James Tuckerman yesterday where he said that “the first rule of a successful modern business: own the eyeballs folks!” The article talked about the importance of having “an active audience of prospects, resellers, licensees and fans!”

Working with a number of small businesses at the moment (and starting a new business of my own) James’ message was very timely.  Irrespective of a business’ size, its greatest assets are always going to be its people and its customers.

Most of the organisations I work with are focused on creating good quality, niche content (text, photo and video) to help  build their audience, and by default their business.

During recent conversations with large-scale content producers (YouTube, Yahoo 7, Nine MSN etc) they have all raised concerns about their video archive and their long-tail of less popular or dated programs. It’s great to have lots of video content, but there’s lots of richness locked away in the archive.  And at the moment that’s not always easy to extract.  One media executive even went so far as saying that they “sold out of video advertising inventory 2 years ago”.

For businesses for which content is more a marketing tool than their end product, the same issue applies.  For these organistaions it’s less about the saleability of the content and more about maximizing the value of the time, cost and effort that’s gone into creating it.

So, I thought I’d share one of the good ideas I’ve been working on recently that helps businesses “own eyeballs” and extract maximum value from their video content.

Tagmotion is a cloud-based, video tagging solution that makes video content searchable.  Search options help you get more eyeballs on your content, but it helps you keep people there longer.

By tagging your video content, it means that your customer can search for a specific person, perspective or example from within the reels of footage.  In other words it lets you showcase the best parts of your content and creates depth to all the effort you’ve put in.

We all know the effort that goes into creating new content, so if you can extend the reach of what you’ve got and keep people watching your videos for longer, you’ve got a better chance of turning a casual observer into a raving fan!

Article By Janeece Keller


Image by Kristy Griggs of The Behance Network