Last week at the IFA conference in Berlin, Samsung launched the Android powered digital camera which houses features of both a point and shoot camera and a smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy Camera is a small and compact digital camera, similar to an iPod touch, that operates on Google Android technology.

The features of the 4.8 inch camera include:

  •  WiFi, 3G (or 4G) connectivity
  • 16 megapixel CMOS sensor
  • 21 x optical zoom
  • Android Jelly Bean  home screen
  • 4.8 inch 720p SLCD display
  • 1080 p video recording
  • 22mm lens, 2.8 aperture
  • 3G radio
  • 1650 mAh battery

The camera will operate on the most up to date version of Android, Jellybean 4.1. It allows for the installation of apps on Google Play and includes features such as voice-control shooting, the ability to edit photos on-screen, cloud storage backup and captured images can instantly be shared on social networks.