aVOID helps consumers stay clear of purchasing products online that are associated with the exploitation of child labour. The plug-in that is currently compatible with Safari and Google Chrome, means people can shop with a conscience as products associated with child labour are automatically filtered out. They are hidden from the consumer.

aVOID works with major online shops in the United States, France, Germany and the United Kingdom. It is based on data supplied by Active Against Child Labor, a foundation based in Germany. In Germany it’s the most comprehensive publicly available database on child labour. Several thousand hours were spent researching and gathering information. The data is updated on a regular basis to ensure products don’t seep through.

Once the browser plug-in is installed, the consumer can shop online as they usually would. It currently works with Asos, Yoox, Amazon, Target, Marcys, Zalando, Google Shopping, Frontlineshop and Otto.

aVOID is a way of protesting against child labour which in turn will force manufactures to tighten their control on the issue.

Article By Courtney van der Weyden