Introducing Lapka a personal environmental monitor. The beautifully designed  monitor connects with your phone to measure, collect and analyse the hidden qualities of your surroundings. It is highly sensitive and responds to the invisible world of particles, ions, molecules and waves, so it can analyse your surroundings and smartly combine the results into guideline values for your comfort.

On the street, at the office, inside your child’s bedroom, or on an airplane: Lapka compares it’s results to average target values for each individual environment and suggests respective tolerance ranges. In other words, it doesn’t only precisely quantify, but also qualifies its measures.

Regardless of whether you’re simply curious to discover unseen details about your environment, or you specifically aim to improve your quality of life — the ability to see precise measurements and the beautiful visualizations of what lies beyond our perception is inspiring and addictive. Lapka lets you collect snapshots throughout your day in order to create a comfort
diary, or share them with the rest of the planet.

Lapka is a series of four interchangeable sensors that allow you to measure levels in radiation, organic, electromagnetic fields and humidity.

Radiation: Reveal highly accurate information about radioactivity levels in your surrounds.

Organic: Look for significant quantities of nitrates in raw food and water. It will detect residues of significant fertilizers.

EMF: Detect electromagnetic fields caused by electronic hardware, telecommunications, transmitters or powerlines.

Humidity: Combine both temperature and humidity levels of environment to help you find the perfect comfort level.

Lapka is currently in the final production stage and will be ready to order in late 2012. It will be supported by Apple iPhone 3GS (and higher) and Apple iPod Touch with the app being available from the Apple App Store.

Information for this post was sourced from the Lapka Fact Sheet July 2012