Facebook’s Facebook Stories is where I stumbled across the story of Mayank Sharma. The website is dedicated to sharing the stories of people who are using the social media in extraordinary ways.

Mayank Sharma of New Delhi contracted Tubercular Meningitis in 2010. The serious infection that effects the central nervous system left Sharma with no memory. He emerged from hospital with no memory of the past twenty seven years. He couldn’t recognise his own reflection, had no concept of relationships and lost twenty seven years of experience.

Once he felt well enough he went online and viewed his browser history. He found a site call Facebook where he came across the ‘People you may know’ feature. He then set about contacting people he possibly knew or had come into contact with in the course of his life who could assist him in piecing together the missing pieces.

Take a look at the thought provoking video below.

Article By Courtney van der Weyden