Recently we featured a piece on Light up Gloves for Cyclists which provide clearer visibility for riders of the night. The gloves help indicate turn signals as they’re embedded with LED lights on the upper palm. Now we see yet another innovative idea for cyclists that will help improve their visibility at night and make the journey to and fro safer.

After months of experimentation Pure Fix Cycle have released their newest line Kilo Glow. The bicycle frame is painted in solar-activated, highly reflective, glow in the dark paint. Just one hour of sun exposure during the day will equate to one hour of glow in the dark fun. Riders will be highly visible to the traffic around them.

During the daylight hours the bike is a bright yellow, transforming into a florescent green at night. Customers can customise their bike to have a glow in the dark frame, wheels or both. Glowing grip sets for handle bars are also available. The bike comes in five sizes and start from USD 399.