Israeli designer Izhar Gafni has created a functional bicycle out of cardboard. The highly innovative design uses materials that come to a total cost of roughly US $ 9. The cardboard is dipped in special coating that will ensure it can withstand the elements. The bicycle that can hold up to 136 kilos (300 pounds) is an environmentally friendly alternative for cyclists.

The designer was inspired by a man who created a fully functioning canoe out of cardboard. This creation ‘disturbed’ Gafni and made him wonder what else could be made out of the cheap material. When he voiced his idea to make a bicycle, engineers told him it was impossible.

However he soon proved them wrong with a durable, strong, lightweight and easy to carry design. The first design was a hybrid between a packaging box and bike. The most challenging part of the process was to make the bike look real and ordinary. He repetitively bends and folds pieces of cardboard until they are strong enough and tests the durability under cars and cinder blocks.  Once all pieces are assembled they are coated in resin so the bike is waterproof.

This eliminates fear of the bike deteriorating in puddles or rain. Best of all, the designer believes the bike is less likely to become stolen compared to pricier alternatives. The bike is now patent pending. You can watch the design process above made by Giora Kariv.