Chris Milk and Google’s resident data artist Aaron Koblin have joined forces once again to create The Exquisite Forest.

The Exquisite Forest is a web-based collaborative art project that allows participants to join in on an evolving creation. The platform uses the Exquisite Corpse Model, meaning participants can create short animations that build on the contributions of others as they explore a specific theme or topic.

The aim is to build a tree like structure. When someone joins the project they can add to an existing theme or branch, or add a new branch to the creation. The end result is a collection of animated narratives visualized as trees. Anyone who uses the internet can view the stories.

The Exquisite Corpse Model is a creative exercise practiced in Surrealism. Several people compose a sentence or drawings by contributing one word or section at a time. Exquisite Forest differs in that contributors can see what other before them have done, where-as in Surrealism previous words and pictures are concealed.

The project produced by Google will be accessible in the flesh at the Tate Modern as of today (July 23). It was Jane Burton of the Tate who contacted Milk and Koblin to develop something for the gallery after the completion of The Johnny Cash Project (which the duo previously worked on that allowed participates to collaborate on the music video for Cash’s music video “Ain’t No Grave”) .

“Chris and I started thinking about the idea of open endedness; inThe Johnny Cash Project, we saw people wanting to express themselves more thoroughly and deviate the narrative in different directions; to control the trajectory of stories themselves.”

The project uses several web technologies and Google products such as Google App Engine, Google Cloud Storage and Google Chrome.

Article By Courtney van der Weyden

Quote from Fast Company