Public Scroll is an online platform that allows anyone to submit digital ideas for brands to acquire.

It’s free for anyone to submit an idea and the team at Public Scroll will determine if the idea is worthy of featuring on the site. If it makes the cut it will be available for the browsing pleasure of businesses who are falling short of generating ideas.

Businesses regardless of size can purchase the idea by clicking the ‘own this solution’ button. Public Scroll will then develop a detailed digital solution to tailor the specific needs of the business. The curator will earn half of the price the business pays. Ideas must;

“incorporate the digital media environment and stand out as innovative solutions”.

Businesses are also welcome to submit a brief outlining a current problem and Public Scroll will work to provide a digital solution.

“We are always ready to work on special requests to create digital strategy and develop solutions for various brands”

Article By Courtney van der Weyden